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I decided to not travel to ATA or SHOT show this year. There's a lot of sacrifice that goes into leaving town to shake hands and hang out with Industry people. I am a little turned off lately on the private Industry shows, a lot of hunting celebrity and want to be celebrity can be a touch overwhelming. My objective is to maintain my partnerships and focus on what my strengths are. I can do this without all the socializing and networking. First time in 10 years not attending, but I think just going to one Western show that is open to the public will be all I need to catch up with old friends and make some new ones. I will miss seeing all the latest and greatest equipment, but I am buckling down and focusing on just a few key items in 2017. Less is more. The less I focus on, the more I can excel in the items I do focus on. Hope this makes sense. monday 1/9/2017 1.snatch mid thigh 6x3 | #75,105,125,145,157,167 2. snatch pull with pause JOF (just off floor) 3x3 #180 3. OHS from floor | #180,205,215,225 4. 15 minute AMRAP 30 wall ball shots #20 20 power snatches #75 5 ring muscle ups | 4 rounds + 41 reps 5. Accessory Circuit 5 rounds strict chest to bar x5 strict toes to bar x5 seated one arm KB press x5 each arm #44 tuesday 1/10/2017 1. Clean from mid thigh and jerk 3+3 | #115,145,170,200,200 2. RDL 7x5 | #135,165,195,225,245,245,245 3. "Marston" 20 min AMRAP 1 deadlift #315 10 toes to bar 15 bar facing burpees | 11 rounds + 8 reps 4. 50 strict hspu for time, every break do 1 #150 dball ground to shoulder 15-11-9-9-5 | 3:40 wednesday 1/11/2017 1. Snatch from knee 6x3 | #75,105,125,145,157,167 2. Snatch grip Lift Off | 3x3 #200 3. Back Squat 6x2 #310 4. Conditioning "Tri-Sprint Intervals V3" 5 Rounds: AMRAP 4: 30/20 Calorie Row 30 10m Shuttle Sprints AMRAP Cals on Bike Rest 4:00 between rounds | 69 total calories on assault bike thursday 1/12/17 rest day friday 1/13/17 team of 5 workout: 200 cal assault while the team holds front rack #135 100 synchro pull-ups while the team hangs from pull-up bar 50 synchro front squats #135 entire team 100 synchro pull-ups while the team hangs from pull-up bar 100 Dball ground to shoulder #150 while the team holds plate overhead #45 | 29:00 saturday 01/14/17 3 teams of 2. 1 team goes, then rests while the next team goes. Cycle through for 30 minutes: 12 cal row each 12 power snatches synchro #95 12 wall ball shots #30 each 12 toes to bar synchro | we did 5 rounds total. Please Check out my Partners Hoyt Achery Mtn Ops Vortex Optics Bohning Archery Exo Mountain Gear Option Archery Easton Archery Sitka Gear FHF Gear Kentrek Boots OnXmaps Elk Shape Youtube Channel

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