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32 Days Out...

32 Days Out...

Elk season is just around the corner, I have 13 trail cameras out hopefully working around the clock filming the elk's every move. I will set-up base camp/spike camp #2 this saturday with my dad. That's hauling in several miles back, tents, pads, bags, freeze dried food, water, cooking gear, etc... All spike camps are in the bottom of drainages near water and set-up so we can camp without sending our scent into the hunting areas. I have a damn good idea of bull inventory already, but am excited to see who's new to the block, who got bigger, and if that destiny bull is still alive. He's probably a 360 bull (conservatively) which is so abnormal for the area I hunt in North Idaho. The problem is that he gets hunted hard by many many many others that probably have never laid eyes on him. He's smart, and probably double digit when it comes to age. He'll be a tough one to kill, but that would make my year complete for sure.

Saturday 8/2/14
1k Row warm-up 3:50
Split Jerks off blocks (technique work) - I need to stay on my heels more.
25 UB Toes to Bar
3x10 Reverse Hypers
3x5 GHD Raises
3x1 Stone to Shoulder #150
3x20 GHD Sit-ups

Monday 8/4/14
1. Speed Snatch Ladder For Time:
#95,115,135,155,165,185 - 0:56
2. Clean Pulls 3x3 From Defecit #205, 275, 285, 290
3. OHS 5x2 with 5 sec pause at the bottom #145,165,195,215,225 fail
4. For Time:
100 Dubz + 10 Alternating KB Snatches #70
80 + 8
60 + 6
40 + 4
20 + 2

Extra Credit 200m sprint with sandbag. #70

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