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Today we catch up with the CEO of Huntin' Fool Jerrod Lile.  We cover his background as an elk hunter and how he became the CEO of Huntin' Fool.  We learn more about what they offer at Huntin' Fool and break down the Wyoming & Arizona application strategies. FREE consult with Huntin' Food Adviser, mention the ElkShape Podcast, PH # 435-865-1020 Follow Jerrod on Instagram   LIVE ElkShape Camps 3.0 Spokane, WA - Registration is open, LINK 4.0 Redmond, OR - Early Bird Registration is open, LINK 5.0 Boerne, TX - Registration is open, LINK 6.0 Roanoke, TX - Registration is...

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Bridger Miller is a husband, father, and teacher/head swimming and diving coach at Kelly Walsh High School in Casper, WY. He's a former collegiate swimmer, current endurance athlete and avid shed hunter.  He also hunts as hard an anyone we've come across, but Bridger is obsessed with performance.  He says, "Performance is super important to all of us, whether it’s hunting or daily routine as a father, husband and professional. I enjoy trying to make the most of every opportunity. Limited time presents a unique challenge when hunting. Still have a lot to learn and I find enjoyment each season...

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Ron is an accomplished bowhunter, writer, editor and conservationist. He is active in his state bowhunting organization and with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. He has multiple Pope and Young entries from several states. For the past 20 years he has documented his adventures, writing for a variety of outdoor magazines and websites. He is the former editor and columnist for Extreme Elk Magazine. His first big game experience came when he was 19, bowhunting for the first time in Wyoming and harvesting a fork-horn mule deer. That solidified his passion for bowhunting. A few years later when he...

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  Today we chat with Josh Bailey originally from Kentucky.  Josh is in his mid 30's and has done what many wish they could do.  He quit his comfortable and cushy corporate job to chase his dream of being a fitness coach.  We talk about his eight year elk hunting journey in Montana as well as his philosophy on getting in shape for elk hunting.  Josh owns his own CrossFit gym in Bellevue, Washington.  He's married, has a couple of dogs and lives to be outdoors chasing bugles. Follow him on Instagram Grey Coast CrossFit LIVE ElkShape Camps 3.0 Spokane,...

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Today we chat with Will Hoffman out of Idaho Falls, Idaho.  He's in his late 20's and spends all his free time shed hunting and scouting for the fall.  Will was lucky enough to draw a November rifle tag in Idaho this past year.  He put all his energy into learning the huge area and narrowing down where to find a big bull.  We go over how he and his buddy tackled the task of finding a needle in a haystack.  Will lives a disciplined and passionate outdoor lifestyle and is a regular guy like many of our guests.  This...

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