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The Privatization of Elk Hunting Part 3 - Montana Could Be Next!

The Privatization of Elk Hunting Part 3 - Montana Could Be Next!

Today we are recording with:

Marcus Strange - Montana Wildlife Federation

John Sullivan - Montana BHA Chair / Volunteer

Andrew Posewitz - Hardcore Montana Elk Hunter

We are discussing Montana elk tag allocation. Proposed changes that will take tags away from the general tag hunter and how to navigate the possibility of Montana elk hunting going towards a similar model that New Mexico has in place!

Here are links to Montana FWP Commissioners and Commission Meetings:
Here is the agenda for upcoming FWP Commission meeting. As you can see they will be dealing with a lot of issues, including crossbows in archery-only season, grizzly bear relocation, and new 454 agreements providing elk tags to landowners in exchange for access.



Montana Wildlife Federation



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1 comment

Hello Dan,
I want to thank you for listening to the issue concerning NM and EPLUS. However, you are only allowing one side to voice their opinion . Most states have some compensation for landowners and farmers that contribute to habitat and feeding wildlife owned by the state New Mexico has the EPLUS system which is great and I think should be a template for other states. I also think that Jesse Dubel is full of shit and has lied to the public and you about both water and hunting in NM. I would hope you would invite someone to discuss the other side of the issue.


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