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The Privatization of Elk Hunting Part 2 - NW Wildlife Federation

The Privatization of Elk Hunting Part 2 - NW Wildlife Federation

Today we are recording with Jesse Deubel, the executive director for New Mexico Wildlife Federation and Ray Trejo. Both guests are passionate elk hunters who reside in New Mexico, we are extending the conversation of how New Mexico continues to support the privatization of elk hunting. If you are a regular blue-collar elk hunter, resident or non-resident, this is an important podcast to educate yourself on how the North American Model of Conservation is being ignored by the state of New Mexico.

Demand that the NM Attorney General investigate the legality of the EPLUS system

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For more background and to research the extent of NMWF's calls to action through the administrative process, listeners can read more about the issue at the following link. The New Mexico Wildlife Federation has spent decades exhausting any and all administrative remedies.



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