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Finally we get to some listener questions, here are some of the topics covered: ELKSHAPE CAMP 2019 CLOSING THE DISTANCE ON ELK SITKA RAIN GEAR OPTIONS INCREASING STRENGTH' WORKING AROUND INJURY GARAGE GYM EQUIPMENT ARROWS FOR BEST PENETRATION ON ELK ELKSHAPE PARTNERS Bohning Archery Caribou Gear Game Bags Hoyt Achery Vortex Optics Exo Mountain Gear Option Archery Easton Archery Sitka Gear Kenetrek Boots OnXmaps Elk Shape Youtube Channel Elk Shape BOOK Phelps Quality Game Calls Off Grid Food Co FNX Supplements

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Today we talk frontal shots on elk.  We get into Justin's 7 year elk hunting learning curve and the story of his first bull on public land with an over-the-counter tag.  Justin has worked behind the counter of an archery pro shop for years and has seen it all.  We go over tried and true equipment for elk including arrow rest selection, string selection, and common pitfalls of archery technique.  Like all our episodes, we bring on ordinary people with extraordinary knowledge.  Enjoy. ELKSHAPE PARTNERS Bohning Archery Caribou Gear Game Bags Hoyt Achery Vortex Optics Exo Mountain Gear Option Archery...

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It's no surprise why John Barklow has been on multiple podcasts, he's pretty much a complete bad ass. I got him on the ElkShape Podcast to talk next level elk hunting for the blue colloar public land DIY OTC crowd. So if you're stuck in the elk hunting learning curve, or need some insight on backpack elk hunting this one's for you. Here's what we chat about: The Design Process When it Comes to Sitka Gear How John started elk hunting Calling Less can be very fruitful How to read and interpret TOPO maps Backpacking Sleep Systems Backpacking Water Systems...

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Welcome to episode number two, we sit down with my good buddy Ryan Alltus of Ceour D'Alene, Idaho. Ryan fits the mold of who we want to interview on this podcast, he's blue collar, he hunts general tags and kills big bulls year after year. He's probably the most consistent herd bull killer I've met. Here are some of the topics we cover: Ryan's background, work, and how he got his start bowhunting elk. We get into some unsolicited advice on choosing the right woman to marry, especially when it comes to supporting your elk hunting addiction. We talk about...

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