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  "4 long years of being obsessed with these incredible animals and I finally connected with my first which happened to be this beautiful herd bull. I found this bull on the 11th and it took till Friday the 14th and 3 different setups solo to get him visible and within range. The moment after I shot was surreal. All the different thoughts left me speechless as I worked through what my next move would be. I decided to go get help. By the time I was heading back to trail this bull I had 7 guys coming with, all...

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I've been saving up listener questions and answered them all! Here's what we covered: DIY Spring Bear Hunting Spot and Stalk Spring Bears Baiting Spring bears Arrow and Broadhead Set-ups The Quivalizor versus traditional quiver How to effectively hunt elk off of a dirt bike CrossFt programming and WHY to include backpack conditioning Beginner Elk Hunting mistakes to avoid

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