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Let's break down Colorado elk hunting opportunities with Garth Jenson of Huntin' Fool.  There's some big changes to go over and some unheard of approaches to cover.  Garth is arguably one of the best resources to explore Colorado's elk hunting opportunities. Wilderness Athlete has a SPECIAL OFFER for our listeners: 30% off your next purchase, use the discount code elkshape30   Follow Garth on Instagram FREE consult with Huntin' Food Adviser, mention the ElkShape Podcast, PH # 435-865-1020 LIVE ElkShape Camps 7.0 La Crosse, WI - Registration is open, LINK 8.0 Denver, CO - Early Bird Registration is open, LINK 9.0 Vancouver,...

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Today we chat with Will Hoffman out of Idaho Falls, Idaho.  He's in his late 20's and spends all his free time shed hunting and scouting for the fall.  Will was lucky enough to draw a November rifle tag in Idaho this past year.  He put all his energy into learning the huge area and narrowing down where to find a big bull.  We go over how he and his buddy tackled the task of finding a needle in a haystack.  Will lives a disciplined and passionate outdoor lifestyle and is a regular guy like many of our guests.  This...

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"4 long years of being obsessed with these incredible animals and I finally connected with my first which happened to be this beautiful herd bull. I found this bull on the 11th and it took till Friday the 14th and 3 different setups solo to get him visible and within range. The moment after I shot was surreal. All the different thoughts left me speechless as I worked through what my next move would be. I decided to go get help. By the time I was heading back to trail this bull I had 7 guys coming with, all excited...

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Thanks for checking out this podcast designed to get you out of the elk hunting learning curve and help you be more consistent year after year on public land.  That's right, this is for the blue collar crowd that hunts on their own with over-the-counter elk tags. Today I talk about my idea of a ELKSHAPE CAMP 2019.  After listening, if you have ideas send them to me on Instagram or my email address that I give during the episode. We bring on my good buddy and shed hunting fool Jason Barkemeyer from New Mexico to break down his elk...

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Dave Brinker is a fellow elk hunter from Bozeman, Montana. He does work for Sitka Gear and he just recorded his first album in Nashville, Tennesse. We talked about: Some of the challenges with hunting public land mature bulls Rookie mistakes made when coming out West to elk hunt How to overcome fear and put yourself out there when it comes to your dreams The best way to put your life on hold for elk hunting season How David went for his dream of becoming a country music star Dave Brinker Spotify LINK

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