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Their questions on elk hunting tactics for public land and our answers! ElkShape Camps 2021 Listeners of the ElkShape Podcast Exclusives: The Elk Collective - $25 off our Digital Elk Hunting Course - elkshapepodcast Wilderness Athlete 30% off your first purchase, discount code elkshape30   Vortex Wear - elkshape - 20% off Apparel Pnuma Outdoors - elkshape20 - 20% off first order   Bakcou eBikes - elkshape300 - $300 off any bike order   Northwest Retention Systems - elkshape - ElkShape Scout Model Only - free shipping & handling, 5 Day Lead Time    Eastman's TagHub - elkshape15 - 15% off membership...

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How many East coast or Midwest hunters have still not made it out West to elk hunt? The answer is probably most. It can be extremely intimidating to plan an elk hunt from a logistical angle, let alone find somewhere good to elk hunt without really having the resources to put up trail cameras or scout ahead of time. I want everyone to make it happen and commit to the idea of coming out West. Regardless if you fly or drive the 2,000 miles one way, you'll never regret it! We sit down with a guy who is a hard...

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Veryln Savage, the one and only! You need to listen to this entire episode as there are elk nugget bombs dropped throughout. Mr. Savage is a blue collar sheet-rocker from Oregon who lives and breathes elk hunting. You can catch him hunting his home state of Oregon on a general tag and over in Idaho. He has harvested back to back in both states on six points for many years in a row. The guy knows how to work hard and get it done. He's also done many elk hunting seminars and this entire episode is like one big tune-up...

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