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Ryan Wood is a former NFL fullback and Under Armour executive... NOW he's changing the way America eats beef Today we're chatting with Ryan who owns Sweetwood Cattle Co. and is kicking ass in the corporate world and in the mountains.   Listeners of the ElkShape Podcast Exclusives: The Elk Collective - $25 off our Digital Elk Hunting Course - elkshapepodcast Wilderness Athlete 30% off your first purchase, discount code elkshape22   Vortex Wear - elkshape - 20% off Apparel Pnuma Outdoors - elkshape20 - 20% off first order Bakcou eBikes - elkshape - $300 off any bike order Alien Gear Gun Holsters- elkshape10 - Cloak Chest Holster Black Ovis - elkshape - 10% off (some exclusions apply) Black Rifle Coffee...

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