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Episdoe 53 is all about testing yourself and seeking out new challenges.  We bring on the perfect guest once again, a guy who is truly blue collar, family man, and gets after it when it comes to public land elk hunting.  Ryan is not a famous hunter, but he's a guy that has a strong work ethic and chases bugles each fall as hunting elk is his number one passion. We talk about his training, home gym set-up, how he is going after his first ultra-marathon, and how he balances hunting and family.  Ryan has put some great bulls on...

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Last episode for 2018 is with yet another blue collar family man who loves to elk hunt on public land.  Today we record with Tyson Drevniak (@TDrevniak) from Washington state.  Tyson had a stellar year packing out 4 bulls on public land, 3 in Washington (one of them his) and his Idaho bull.  He works a 9-5 and juggles family, career and hunting just like the rest of us. We talk about his awesome season, the tactics he uses when hunting a completely new area, working around massive hunting pressure and getting it done on public ground.  We cover topics...

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Finally got to chat with Elk 101's Corey Jacobsen. He's a world elk calling champion many times over, blue collar, and extremely passionate about elk hunting. Corey is the quarterback when it comes to play calling and making moves on September Bulls. You don't want to miss this episode. We did the interview through the Internet because Corey lives in the mountains so the connection wasn't the greatest, but the content is pure GOLD. We discuss: Advanced Elk Calling Scenarios Wolves in Idaho Facing your Fears and Staying Diligent in the Off-Season And So much more... Elk101 University Elk101 Website...

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