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Today we're conducting a LIVE Q&A session with campers from the ElkShape Camp Colorado Camp.  We have Dirk Durham, Aron Snyder, Jeff Bynum, and Frank Peralta on the panel.  The audience is asking several elk related questions and the entire squad gives their perspective. Follow Kifarucast on Instagram The Elk Collective Website Link to the Wilderness Athlete Increase Your Bow Draw Strength Program Listeners of the ElkShape Podcast Exclusives: Wilderness Athlete 30% off your next purchase, use the discount code elkshape30   Vortex Optics 20% off Apparel, use the discount code elkshape Listener Discount Codes: Black Ovis - ELKSHAPE - 20% off website...

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We are busting out a BONUS episode today breaking down all the hot elk hunting topics we just covered at ElkShape Camp Texas.  My co-host today is Jeff Bynum, an elk hunting addict and financial wizard.  We go over topics today on how to screen a potential elk hunting partner, areas to be working on in the off-season, and some real practical advice on how to WIN THE DAY when it comes to elk preparation.  ENJOY! Wilderness Athlete has a SPECIAL OFFER for our listeners: 30% off your next purchase, use the discount code elkshape30   Follow Jeff on Instagram LIVE...

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Today we bring on my hunting partner and father Rod Staton. We talk shop about how he got his start into elk hunting which is a cool progression from hunting whitetails in Georgia, to mule deer in Idaho, and finally sharing a successful elk hunt with me in Washington that set a new course for both of our lives. We talk about how he likes to hunt public land off of a dirt bike, some tips for guys his age (60's +) and how they can effectively hunt elk on public land. We cover some tips to speed up the...

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