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Dan Evans is the best elk hunter I know. He owns and operations OPTION Archery out of Trout Creek Montana. I have been pestering him for 6 years to come on my podcast and talk shop... That's why I am so excited to finally get this episode created for all of you to get to know him better! #elkshape ¬† Listeners of the ElkShape Podcast Exclusives: ūüíĘ Discount Codes ūüíĘ PNUMA OUTDOORS¬†- 20% Off Code:¬†ELKSHAPEYOUTUBE20 CANVAS CUTTER¬†- 10% Off Code:¬†ELKSHAPE¬† WILDERNESS ATHLETE¬†| 20% Off Code:¬†ELKSHAPE23¬† VORTEX WEAR¬†| 20% Off Code:¬†ELKSHAPE BLACK OVIS¬†| 10% Off Code:¬†ELKSHAPE SHEEPFEET¬†| 10% Off Code:¬†ELKSHAPE onXhunt...

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