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Nick Fisher owner of AAE Archery hung out for 3 days teaching me all his ways to super tuning bows. We filmed nonstop, hunted turkeys, got 3 workouts in and even found time to record a podcast. This episode covers his tuning methodology as well as his fitness journey. Nick is a special guy, incredible archer and has completely changed his life by quitting smoking and drinking. His journey is inspiring! #ElkShape ¬† Listeners of the ElkShape Podcast Exclusives: ūüíĘ Discount Codes ūüíĘ PNUMA OUTDOORS¬†- 20% Off Code:¬†ELKSHAPEYOUTUBE20 CANVAS CUTTER¬†- 10% Off Code:¬†ELKSHAPE¬† WILDERNESS ATHLETE¬†| 20% Off Code:¬†ELKSHAPE23¬† VORTEX WEAR¬†|...

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Talking gear and bow set ups with Marcus Smith and Bridger Bingham. Two of the Black Ovis boys that know they're hunting products.

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Nick Fisher is a great archery resource.  We get to know his story, the history of his family's archery company AAE and perfecting arrow flight.  Nick's fitness journey is truly inspiring and one that anyone can appreciate, especially elk hunters.  Check out this episode where we talk long range rifle systems, target archery, and bowhunting's best practices. Wilderness Athlete has a SPECIAL OFFER for our listeners: 30% off your next purchase, use the discount code elkshape30   Follow Nick on Instagram   Listeners of the ElkShape Podcast Exclusives: The Elk Collective - $25 off our Digital Elk Hunting Course - elkshapepodcast Wilderness Athlete 30% off...

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