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Casey Brooks is a farmer out of Washington state (my home state) and has been chasing bugles with a bow for decades. He's put down 80+ bulls with a bow and is going to break down herd bull strategy on today's podcast! Casey's son Beau Brooks ūüíĘ Discount Codes ūüíĘ PNUMA OUTDOORS - 20% Off Code: ELKSHAPEYOUTUBE20 CANVAS CUTTER - 10% Off Code: ELKSHAPE¬† WILDERNESS ATHLETE | 20% Off Code:¬†ELKSHAPE23¬† VORTEX WEAR | 20% Off Code:¬†ELKSHAPE BLACK OVIS | 10% Off Code:¬†ELKSHAPE SHEEPFEET | 10% Off Code:¬†ELKSHAPE onXhunt ELITE Membership | 20% Off Code:¬†ELKSHAPE¬† Alien Gear Holsters | 10% Off...

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