ElkShape Podcast EP 94 - Dan's September 2019 Recap

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ElkShape Podcast EP 94 - Dan's September 2019 Recap

Today Dan breaks down his archery elk hunting season, what he experienced and how to create a road map for success in 2020.

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  • Butch

    It’s funny how different people interpret an event. I heard your Psychotic Bob story from the other side a few days after it happened,and the tone was quite different. If you get the chance, you should sit down and have a beer with Bob. You’ll find he is a really good guy, and your impression of him is way off. By the way, are you surprised that someone caught up to you when you were in first gear? I don’t know how much you have ridden dirt bikes, but when a faster rider that is not in your group catches you, it is standard protocol to let them by as soon as you can whether you are hunting or not.

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