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ElkShape Podcast EP 9 - onXmaps

ElkShape Podcast EP 9 - onXmaps
If you're anything like me, you pride yourself on hunting public lands without a guide. One of the absolute most critical components to researching and navigating on hunting grounds is knowing boundaries and the topography of the landscape. I switched from a GPS to just my iPhone this season and utilized the onXmaps ELITE membership. I have all 50 states on my phone and I download maps where I am headed and use my phone on airplane mode. I can track my miles covered, look at Google Earth overlay and topo maps of my hunting areas. Plus, I can put in filters like Boone and Crockett entries, recent wildfires, and wilderness areas. Today I sit down with onXmaps Team members Zach Sandu and Matt Siedel and go over elk hunting tactics, common mistakes made, discipline and of course fitness. Enjoy.

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