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ElkShape Podcast EP - 8 Mark Boardman | Vortex Optics

ElkShape Podcast EP - 8 Mark Boardman | Vortex Optics
Listen on Stitcher Today's episode we sit-down with Mark Boardman with Vortex Optics, recorded at the 2018 SHOT SHOW in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mark was born and raised in Washington State, Mark grew up in a family where hunting and fishing were a way of life. He cut his teeth chasing blacktail deer and Roosevelt’s Elk. Soon, whitetail deer, mule deer, rocky mountain elk, bears, turkeys, waterfowl, upland birds and varmints became staples of his outdoor pursuits as well. Professionally, Mark has found a home with Vortex Optics. Family owned and operated, Vortex prides itself on providing high-end optics and unmatched customer service to hunters and shooters. I enjoy Mark's company, he's so unique in the hunting space as he is completely down to earth, hard working, and a family man. I hope you enjoy the show. Vortex Optics Website Mark's Instagram Mark's Podcast with Gritty Bowmen

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