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ElkShape Podcast EP 80 - LIVE from the Western Hunting Summit

ElkShape Podcast EP 80 - LIVE from the Western Hunting Summit


This episode is designed to create action for the listener.  On the drive home from the Western Hunting Summit I record my thoughts on the event, where I saw weaknesses in some of the attendees and I challenge the listeners to identify their areas of opportunity when it comes to creating the best version of themselves.  At the summit in Bozeman, MT we had subject matter experts lecture on certain topics to help newer western hunters evolve their game faster.  Some of the areas or topics covered were:

  • Brian Barney - Backcountry Hunting
  • Ryan Lampers - Backcountry Nutrition
  • Hillary Lampers - Longevity
  • Mark Livesay - Digital E Scouting
  • MTN Tough Fitness - Mental Toughness
  • Randy Newberg - Public Lands
  • Dan Staton - Leveraging Hunting

This whole experience was so much fun and there's a lot of information covered, so I dive into how I got the campers to hone in on making progress everyday.  In the cast, I go over my story on fitness and hunting and how they collided to bring about ElkShape.  As a bonus, I injected about 30 minutes of Mark Livesay's lecture on creating your hunt plan properly.  Some really insightful information and we hope to get Mark on this podcast soon to dive deeper into the topic which undoubtedly gets overlooked.

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