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ElkShape PODCAST EP 3 - Jed Conklin

ElkShape PODCAST EP 3 - Jed Conklin
Welcome to episode 3, this episode is a product of happenstance. Jed Conklin is a buddy of mine who hunts for elk in southern Idaho and lives in the same town as me. Jed and I got together for a late archery season elk hunt out of my cabin in Idaho, so naturally we pressed the record button and had a BS session. Jed is probably the most successful professional photographers I know, and he's traveled the world snapping powerful images for numerous big name companies. He's fairly young, works his ass off and has had a lot of success in the elk woods in just 10 short seasons of elk hunting. He's hunted in numerous states out West and has been bowhunting his entire life. He's married, has a new baby and dabbles in commercial real estate. He's an outdoorsman, entrepreneur and family man. He hunts over the counter elk each fall and as long as I have known him, he always has an elk or two in the freezer. Topics we cover: Jed's background Advice to Rookie Elk Hunters Advice to Intermediate Elk Hunters Jed's approach to fitness Jed's entrepreneur lifestyle that enables him more time to elk hunt Jed Conklin Photography Jed Conklin Facebook Jed Conklin Instagram 

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