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ElkShape Podcast EP 25 - Pete McCall Fitness

ElkShape Podcast EP 25 - Pete McCall Fitness
It's not everyday you get to be on someone's fitness based podcast and talk about WHY you hunt to an audience that probably doesn't know much about it. I took the opportunity to sit down with Pete McCall and talk about all the aspects of hunting including why it is extremely important to conservation. I did my best to articulate the need for hunting and why I feel called to head to the mountains each fall and pursue the purest form of protein that I know of. We talk my fitness background, how I got into hunting and what goes into an elk hunt. I appreciated Pete's curiosity and open mindedness towards the idea of securing your own meat from Mother nature's pantry. He is a great guy and after we talked he told me he was very interested in getting into hunting himself for the meat. Take a listen and let me know what you think! You can learn more about Pete and his Podcast HERE

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