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ElkShape Podcast EP 24 Grady Rawls

ElkShape Podcast EP 24 Grady Rawls
REAL and AUTHENTIC Grady Rawls records with us today all the way from New Zealand at the 2am his time. I have known Grady for years and have even shared camp with him. He's a Pacific Northwest dude and he knows how to make magic behind the lens. His talent and work ethic might be unmatched! Grady is a busy guy running his own production company and film school. We dive in head first on an array of topics that are extremely exciting and interesting: Grady's film background SONY versus other DSLR's Hunting Private Land versus Public Is New Zealand just High Fence Hunting His latest project on YouTube Behind the scenes of a hunt from his perspective Business and Passion Leadership and Entrepreneurship The Social Media Fopaux Faith and MUCH MORE! Grady's YOUTUBE Channel Grady's INSTAGRAM Grady's WEBSITE

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