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Body slamming the monkey on your back

Body slamming the monkey on your back

Caje Golden and his good friend Billy won the Alaska bear trip with the elk shape team and Hunting Fool. We are going to motivate you all to go hunt black bears in Alaska. This trip is all about great views with some great people. Jerrod Lile CEO of Hunting Fool has been on this hunt multiple times and showed us the ropes. He was also responsible for the internment as you will hear. Caje is a die hard bow hunter with lots of reps in the field. He has done this from being a hunting guide in Montana. The hole team lived on a boat for five days. Fish in the morning and hunt the later part of the day. With twenty hours of light you cane get a lot done. Some good shots were made and some not so good ones as well. Mentally once you know you have made a bad shot it is up to you to hold on to it or BODY SLAM it off.

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