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The days are winding down to the opener, banked vacation hours sit on the shelf, and you're doing your best to stay focused on last minute provisions. Your new gear has been tested, your scouting trips completed, and all your cameras await you with memory cards swollen with intelligence. Your bow is super tuned, strings have settled, and your broadheads fly the same as your field points. Your confidence is strong, you know that separation is in the preparation, but deep down you're aware that there's a missing component.  While a lot of bowhunters focus on shooting prep, a good...

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Hunt like an athlete sounds a hell of a lot better than hunt like a couch potato. An athlete is fit for the mountains and conditioned to excel at the sport of hunting. The essence of hunting is becoming a formidable predator. A predator enters the woods prepared for any and all eventuality and gladly welcomes adversity. In order to hunt like an athlete, you have to train like an athlete. Stop. I didn’t say you had to run ultra-marathons, shoot everyday, nor did I say you had to be an extremist. But there is definitely a rising tide of...

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