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Strength & conditioning has been my passion for 20+ years. After my graduate degree, I pursued coaching with professional athletes and built a business centered around speed and agility development. But I soon figured out that to pay the bills, I had to coach regular adults to crack my monthly nut.  We started adopting circuit training at our speed center, which led me to CrossFit.com for workout ideas. My initial impression was the workouts were dumb, poorly designed, and would undoubtedly cause injuries in our adults. Then I dabbled into a full week of CrossFit for myself, and as many...

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Dan breaks down his nutrition intake while elk hunting in the backcountry during September and recaps his public land Idaho pronghorn hunt.

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Big bull tactics start and end with your ability to find elk to hunt. You can't kill a big bull where big bulls don't live. When I think of a big bull, I'm talking the herd bull variety; the loner bull that establishes its dominance mid August when pecking orders are solidified. A bull that has had survived long winters, numerous predators, and has quite a few years under his belt. These big bulls are often call shy, determined to maintain their herd, and in my experience are lovers not fighters. There's many ways to hunt these timorous wonders, but...

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