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Archery Shoulder Exercises

Archery Shoulder Exercises
Crossover Symmetry


Many overlook their shoulder health and possibly take it for granted.  It simply doesn't register or is not on their radar until there's pain.  Not being able to draw your bow back is devastating to any bowhunter or target archer.

I am extremely paranoid about shoulder injuries since much of my life involves archery.  I try to bow hunt throughout the year and I generally shoot my bow on the daily.  I hope to continue this lifestyle and I know anyone serious about archery probably feels the same.  This is why I wanted to dedicate a quick article on one of my most important tools in my garage gym.

When I first found Crossover Symmetry I was immediately sold.  I started integrating their protocols in my workouts as warm-up and cool-down components weekly.  After utilizing their bands for my shoulders, I discovered their hip halo and put that in my arsenal as well.  I believe the hips and shoulders (both ball & socket joints) need bulletproofing.  I try to have 2-3 sessions a week with their bands using their handy charts.  I created a few quick videos for any bowhunter or would-be archer to take advantage of here:


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