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2017 Season OVER

2017 Season OVER
Alright the 2017 season is pretty much wrapped up. I have contacted a local lion hunter to see if he could get me on a lion if we get some consistent snow over in Idaho, it's snowing as I type this. So, if I get a call from him, I'm lion hunting and I worked out a deal where I can only pay a day rate instead of booking a $4-5k hunt. That's something I've always wanted to do. My season was good. I had a stellar 2016 season so this year was little more challenging without super great tags and all my hunts being general season on public land of course. I hunted my ass off on spring bears, passed on a handful of bears, got one spot and stalk and held out on one particular bear that simply gave me the slip. He's definitely one of the best bears I've had on camera so hopefully next year we meet up in person. I went antelope hunting which I hadn't done since 2008. I really love their meat so I can tell you that I'm putting that hunt back on my calendar for 2018. I stuck a good goat on public land in August and did it with my dad so that's a definite highlight. Elk season was terrific, I had a ton of elk encounters and passed on many bulls, more than ever before. I am bummed that I wasn't able to recover the big 6 point I shot on the second day of season, that really hurt. I am certain that bull made it and I will chalk it up as a learning experience. I was able to stroke a 4x4 bull and fill the freezer. I almost killed the biggest bull I've ever seen in Idaho this year towards the end of season, I didn't know about him and now I will dedicate my efforts into his core area and see if he makes it for 2018. That alone is very exciting to me. Late season whitetail hunting was extremely rewarding. I finally caught up to the buck I'v been targeting for 3 seasons, he made his first mistake and came into archery range with shooting light. I love everything about that buck, he's my best buck and it was on public land. Hard work paid off big time. That buck is at the taxidermist. Monday 12/11/2017 1. Pausing Snatches (at knee) 2x2 #159, 2x2 #168, 2x2 #175 2. Snatch EMOM 7 minutes #180,185,185,190,195,200,205 3. hang snatch high pull 5x3 #125 4. EMOM 6 minutes x5 back squats #275 5. 3 Rounds for time: 4 ring muscle ups 15 GHD sit-ups 4 ring muscle ups 15 burpees 4 ring muscle ups rest 2:00 rd1 - 2:32 rd2 - 2:32 rd3 - 2:23 Tuesday 12/12/17 1. 4.5" Deficit Handstand Push-ups (Strict) 12 - rest 1:10 11 - rest 1:00 10 - rest :50 9 - rest :40 8 - rest :30 7 2. For Time: 20 power snatches #135 20 cal ass bike 20 overhead squats #135 20 cal ass bike 20 squat snatches #135 | 10:58 3. EMOM 16 minutes ODD: 200m Row EVEN: 3 Dball Cleans #150 Wednesday 12/13/17 1. For Time: 50' Front Rack Walking Lunges #115 100' Handstand Walk 100' Back Rack Walking Lunges #115 100' Handstand Walk 50' Front Rack Waking Lunges #115 | 6:30 2. 5 Rounds, Every 4:00 start round 30 air squat 20 cal row 7 clean and jerks #135 rd1 - 2:40 rd2 - 2:32 rd3 - 2:37 rd4 - 2:25 rd5 - 2:24 Thursday 12/14/17 REST DAY Friday 12/15/17 Elk Hiking 5 miles through the snow, no big bulls spotted. Saturday 12/16/17 1. Snatch EMOM 7 Min (pause 1 second at knee) #125,135,145,155,160,165,170 2. Barbell workout, for time: #170 - 5 squat snatches + 10 clean and jerks #155 - 4 squat snatches + 8 clean and jerks #145 - 3 squat snatches + 6 clean and jerks #135 - 2 squat snatches + 4 clean and jerks #115 - 1 squat snatches + 2 clean and jerks | 11:47 3. 15-12-9 For Time: Thrusters #115 Bar Muscle Ups | 6:28 Sunday 12/17/17 1. EMOM 10 Squat Clean Thrusters | #115,135,145,155,165,175,185,195,205,210 2. 8 minute AMRAP DB Snatches 1 arm alternating Toes To Bar 3,3,6,6,9,9,12,12...etc | 126 reps 3. 75 Step-ups 24" w/#35's dumbbells | 6:20 4. 5 rounds not for time: 1 arm push-press x3 + 1 arm push-jerk | #35,45,55,65,70 5 strict pull-ups ElkShape Partners Bohning Archery Caribou Gear Game Bags Hoyt Achery Mtn Ops Vortex Optics Exo Mountain Gear Option Archery Easton Archery Sitka Gear FHF Gear Kenetrek Boots OnXmaps Elk Shape Youtube Channel Elk Shape BOOK Phelps Quality Game Calls

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