WHAT UP WHAT UP - Nick The Trainer Dude

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WHAT UP WHAT UP - Nick The Trainer Dude

Today we recorded one of my all time favorite episodes with Nick Hammond out of Springfield, OR.  He's a husband, father, and gym/studio owner.  He also bowhunts and has a contagious attitude full of positivity.  Listen along as we he explains how to overcome adversity...In 2020 his small business was shut down due to Covid-19 and his house was completely destroyed in a fire.

LINK to Nick's Social Media

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  • Scott E Whiteley

    Great Podcast with Nick the Trainer Dude. Nick is like a son to me. He is a super good good man that reaches out and helps many people each and every day!! (He needs to learn how to fish!!) LOL! Im the ol boy in the Flannel shirt!! Proud of you and Nick so much!! Keep it up. Stay Positive. Save our Fish! Look forward to seeing you at the Top! GOD is GOOD Brother
    Scott Whiteley AKA: Whitefish

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