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Today's episode has about 10 guest - a fun listen getting to know each guest, what they're all about and how they operate. It's great to get to know them better and find out what makes them tick. This entire podcast was recorded throughout the weekend while conducting the ElkShape Camp in Oregon at Wayne Endicott's Farm. #elkshapepodcast Listeners of the ElkShape Podcast Exclusives: The Elk Collective - $25 off our Digital Elk Hunting Course - elkshapepodcast Wilderness Athlete 30% off your first purchase, discount code elkshape30   Vortex Wear - elkshape - 20% off Apparel Pnuma Outdoors - elkshape20 - 20% off first order Bakcou eBikes - elkshape - $300 off any bike order...

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We are discussing broadheads with engineer and co-founder of Ironwill Outfitter's Bill Vanderheyden.  Bill is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to technical archery and tinkering with different set-ups for out West bowhunting.  Today we explore some of his laboratory penetration testing and I'm here to tell ya the results are very interesting! LINK to Ironwill's Social Media  Listeners of the ElkShape Podcast Exclusives: The Elk Collective - $25 off our Digital Elk Hunting Course - elkshapepodcast Wilderness Athlete 30% off your first purchase, discount code elkshape30   Vortex Wear - elkshape - 20% off Apparel Pnuma Outdoors - elkshape20...

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