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ElkShape Podcast EP 76 - IG Bear Hunt Winner Bryce Peters

ElkShape Podcast EP 76 - IG Bear Hunt Winner Bryce Peters

Today we record while driving the Instagram Bear Hunt Winner Bryce Peters to the airport as we finished up the spring bear hunt in Idaho.  Bryce was a complete stranger prior to winning this hunt, and we met at camp and hunted for bears together all week.  Getting to know Bryce was a true pleasure, we also had Mark Boardman & Erik Barber of Vortex Optics in camp as well.  It was a very challenging week of bear hunting in Idaho as the bear rut hadn't kicked in yet, weather was hot and dry, and we struggled from the word go.

Other interesting topics covered in the cast is Bryce's backcountry learning curve, how he's evolved as a solo hunter and some of his adventures from the Frank Church wilderness in Idaho.  We also get into his background in finance and go over some of his investment strategies and retirement angles that he's learned while being in the industry.  We both are striving for financial independence so it's pretty exciting to learn how he's managed debt and kept himself whole after college.


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