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ElkShape Podcast EP 52 - Ber Yang of Pure Trophies

ElkShape Podcast EP 52 - Ber Yang of Pure Trophies

Great episode today with Ber Yang of Pure Trophies.  This guy and his team have put down a grip of bulls over the last 20 years, many of them over 300" and all on public land.  It's hard to describe their level of consistent success, so I will direct you to their website and their YouTube to see for yourself the caliber of bulls these guys consistently connect on.  I have hunted similar country where they find success and most people will not kill a bull there, let alone pass on any opportunity when presented with a hard earned shot.  The brush bulls of Western Montana and parts of Idaho can make for frustrating hunting.  The brush itself can prevent you from getting a clear shot, even when a bull is a mere 5 yards away.  Binoculars are worthless in this country, any many folks will quickly grow tired of fighting the dense underbrush and steep terrain that these elk call home.  The elk numbers are low and the country is in the heart of wolf country plus other predators.  Ber and his four brothers have been pounding brush and slamming monster bulls for many years and they love the challenge.

The team of brothers have captured a lot of their hunts on and put them on YouTube, I highly recommend you take some time and watch how they get it done.  These guys are all animals and part forest ninjas, so we talk to Ber and learn his unique story on how he came to the States and found his passion elk hunting.  This was a great conversation and I hope you enjoy!

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