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ElkShape Podcast EP 34 - Elk Hunting Prowess

ElkShape Podcast EP 34 - Elk Hunting Prowess
This episode is a "Swapcast" with the East Meets West Podcast hosted by Beau Martonik. His podcast is geared towards the hunter that wants more out of the hunt than just the kill. It’s for the hunter that loves planning and preparing for the hunt, just as much as the hunt. Beau picks my brain on preparing for elk hunting 365 with the mindset that hard work and discipline will push you past your public land competition. We break down what it means to control your effort and attitude, what specific items you can control before the hunt starts. We dissect elk hunting tactics depending on the terrain and landscape, hunting pressure and what it takes to crush the elk hunting learning curve. Other items are goal setting, mental toughness reps, CrossFit, and balancing hunting and family.

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