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ElkShape Podcast EP 29 - Miguel Sandovol

ElkShape Podcast EP 29 - Miguel Sandovol
We are always looking for the right guest to be on this Podcast. What separates us from other podcasts is we want to interview the guy you never heard of, but should of. Today's guest is that guy, he's truly a blue collar public land elk hunter getting it done year after year with an over-the-counter elk tag. Miguel Sandovol is a quiet, humble and unassuming elk assain from Idaho. I got a chance to record with him and here's what we cover: How he got his start into elk hunting How they hunt the Idaho backcountry Tactics for getting in on elk Meat care in the backcountry Food for the backcountry Picking the right hunting team Advantages of renting mules for the hunt Mental Toughness Reading Elk Sign Remembering his Father

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