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How to Prepare for Elk Season

How to Prepare for Elk Season
The number of emails, Facebook messages, and YouTube comments revolve around how to prepare for elk season. Many of the questions revolve around what exercises or lifts to perform. I know as long as you all do something everyday to make yourself better you'll be fine. You should definitely be cognizant of how many times your bow gets pulled back each week as well as how many times you break a sweat. It has to be at the forefront of your mind. Elk do not get a day off, they fight to survive each and everyday. Their senses are constantly trained as well as their bodies. I think about elk season everyday I am alive. So it wouldn't be a stretch to say that I'm slightly obsessed with elk season. Anything I can do to move the needle in the right direction is huge for me. That can be tinkering with new gear or bow set-up, constantly fine tuning my shooting or set-up. Trying to improve strength, stamina, and endurance. Hiking with a pack on weekly. Thinking about where to put out trail cameras or studying google earth to fine new niche places I haven't been before. Watch the YouTube video to see a typical work week day of how I prepare...

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