Method Archery ZMR™

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The Method Archery ZMR™ ships built to your specs and ready to shoot. All arrows will ship fully assembled with stainless steel field points included. Backed by the Zero Failure Guarantee Method Archery arrows are among the most durable options on the market.


It has always been tough to get a standard 8/32 broadhead to fit on a micro shaft while maintaining strength and super straight tolerances. The 'one piece component' changes that.

Threads from your point pass through the OPC and sit flush inside the shaft, dramatically reducing leverage on the component, resulting in a system that spins straighter longer.

Precision machined from 7075-T6 Aluminum (35gn) and Gr5 Titanium (55gn).

Annotated OPC

Frequently Asked Questions

What vane option is right for me?

If you are shooting field points or low blade area mechanical broadheads opt for the standard 4 fletch option

If you are shooting smaller fixed blades or mechanical broadheads with exposed blades the high profile 3 fletch will work well

If you are shooting anything else select the high profile 4 fletch. This is going to be the best option for most people and offer the most forgiveness

Which helical should I select?

If you are shooting a single bevel broadhead match the bevel to the fletchings. If you are not shooting a single bevel broadhead then it does not matter

How do I get help?

All support requests will be handled by emailing

What nocks will fit?

Any .166 or G nock will work. Lit nocks are not currently recommended for micro diameter shafts