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Stan  |  SKU: STAN0009-BLK/SG


$99.99 USD


The Stanislawski SoleX release is an index-activated release featuring an open hook head, single sear, and comfortable buckle strap with a spring-loaded return reset.

Index release aids are my personal go to when it comes to archery elk hunting, this is one of the best options on the market and has a great price tag!

Why we like this product

  • Open hook head is built for fast connections to the bowstring or D-loop
  • Provides consistent lateral nock travel for ultimate accuracy
  • Spring-loaded auto return resets on its own for quick follow-up shots
  • Index activated single sear design
  • Comfortable buckle strap keeps the release in place and sized accurately

The Stanislawski SoleX is a single sear design with a rock solid trigger with adjustable travel. The travel on the SoleX can be adjusted to the point where there is zero perceived trigger travel. The SoleX uses a patent pending self-locking travel adjustment pin, this pin allows for twice as much precision then a 8/32 set screw for a truly micro-adjustable trigger. The trigger and hook are made from a custom formulated 440C stainless steel with Dimond Like Coating for increased strength, friction reduction, and corrosion resistance. The open hook, trigger system, and spring loaded return make the SoleX a great choice for hunters looking for a rock solid index finger activated release.

Adjustable Trigger - Yes
Adjustable Length - Yes
Jaw Type - Open
Caliper Type - Open Hook
Wrist Strap Material - Leather
Wrist Strap Connection - Buckle
Manufacturer Warranty - One-year limited warranty