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$135.00 USD



What makes Marsupial Gear unique? Marsupial Gear was created for the versatile outdoorsman. Their harness is designed to accept all of their packs. Simply buckle in your adventure specific pack and take off. Their four buckle system allows you to “plug and play” with all of their products. No longer will you need multiple harnesses for all of your outdoor needs. This is so much more cost effective and practical.


  • Complete containment design to protect from outside elements
  • Secures open and closed with magnets on the bottom and top of the pack
  • Durable fleece liner for silent operation
  • Stretch side pockets
  • Rear Cell Phone Pocket
  • Stretch front zippered pocket
  • MOLLE attachment on the bottom of the pack
  • Includes padded mesh harness with removable safety tethers
  • Small -14oz
  • Medium - 14.5oz
  • Large -15.5oz
  • Small - 5.75" W x 2.75" D x Max Height of 6.7"
  • Medium - 5.75" W x 2.75" D x Max Height of 7.75"
  • Large - 6.25" W x 3.25" D x Max Height of 8.75"
  • This Product Contains Magnets
  • Made in the USA


Years of feedback and testing have led to the design and creation of Marsupial Gear's new Enclosed Bino Harness. Utilizing state-of-the-art fabrics and features, the Enclosed Binocular Pack offers the same one-handed operation Marsupial Gear is known for. This new pack uses their trademark front folding magnetic lid design but adds another layer of protection. Taller sidewalls and overlapping wings fully seal and protect your binoculars from the elements. MOLLE webbing has been added to the bottom of the pack for additional accessory attachment points. The durable stretch fabric carries more in the front and side pockets. The modular design allows you to customize your chest pack with interchangeable accessories.

For those of you who like a more sealed system, this enclosed binocular pack is for you.