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B.O.  |  SKU: LAST0004-EZGRN

Last Chance Archery EZ Green Press

$425.00 USD


This is a great investment into your tinkering game.  You NEED a bow press, I rely on Last Chance for all my #ABT

  • Designed for Compound bows only - NO CROSSBOW!
  • Feature a hand crank for adjusting pressure
  • Mountable 3/8" holes on the base of the press
  • Fits any compound bow from 25" - 48"
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime Workmanship Guaranteed

If you've ever wanted to get into working on your own bow then you've found the right stop. Pick and choose the right archery EZ green bow press to fit your needs or budget but rest assured knowing that you'll be the proud owner of the best and most high quality bow press in the industry. They are simple to use and after watching a couple videos, you'll be saving a trip to the shop and be able to always do the basics on your own!

For Bow-tuning questions, feel free to chat or call one of our in house Bow Techs and we'd be glad to offer any advice over the phone!

EZ Green Features:

  • Bench mounted only
  • Hand crank (no wheel) for fast, EZ and smooth movement
  • Patented finger system to accomodate most compound bows
  • Draw stop finger included
  • Press any bow from 25” - 48” length