Hamskea Trinity Hunter RH or LH Micro Tune Black

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When designing the Trinity Hunter Pro, Hamskea wanted to offer the most consistent actuated rest the archery world has ever seen. With Tri-bearing technology, the carrier rod is supported by 3 sets of sealed stainless ball bearings providing the ultimate in reliability while still having an ultra smooth actuation. The Trinity series will also come with our patent pending Easy Glide cord tensioner for easy adjustment of the activation cord without the need for tools. The Trinity Hunter will feature our over molded containment bracket and launcher, while the Trinity Target will feature our patent pending G-Flex launcher. The Trinity will also include all of the features that have made Hamskea Arrow rests the most adjustable and easiest tuning rest on the market including launcher pitch adjustment, torsion spring adjustment, our inline dampening spring, and all metal construction.

  • New Tri-Bearing Technology
  • New Easy Glide cord tensioner
  • New Delta V Arrow Holder
  • Quiet overmold launcher and containment bracket
  • Launcher position adjustment
  • Internal torsion spring adjustment
  • Inline dampening coil
  • Universal Limb Clamp
This rest is built like a panzer tank, but will perform like a fine Swiss watch