Exped Scout Hammock Combi

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This is the full camping combination – hammock, tarp, bug net and suspension kit all in one. We’ve used it in all seasons on many different adventures, from car camping to bike touring, ski touring and paddling trips; rainy nights and moonlit ones, with and without bugs. Hanging in a hammock in the great outdoors is just plain good fun, but it can also be very practical.

The hammock itself is built with 70-denier ripstop nylon, which balances weight and bulk reduction with durability. It includes an integrated mat sleeve, sized for EXPED’s backpacking sleeping mats, for extra comfort and insulation. When a mat is not in use, the double bottom prevents mosquitos from penetrating the fabric.

The end-lines are gathered to a single loop-and-carabiner point of attachment that is hooked directly into EXPED’s patented slit-cord suspension lines, making tensioning and balancing the hammock quick and easy.

The 15-denier nylon mosquito netting zips directly to the top edge of the hammock, enclosing the user in a totally bug-free environment. A lightweight cord arranged lengthwise above the netting allows it to be clipped and suspended out of contact with the sleeper/napper/reader.