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HP Target Systems - Yellow or Safari Dot Core

Never miss your mark!  These targets are my absolute favorite and I finally got partnered with the folks at 365 Archery!  If you're traveling out West I recommend the 18" Diameter Target as you can lay it flat in your truck and it handles broadheads like no other, plus you can easily replace the core when the time comes:

The 365 Trio Target System is made with 365's self sealing foam and can be shot with either broadheads or field tips.  

The Trio Target System is a:

  • 3 Piece Assembly

It's available in four popular sizes:

  • 18" Diameter
  • 24" Diameter
  • 36" Diameter
  • Center Core: Size: 10"X10"X10" Cube
  • Outer Target Cradle Sizes: 18", 24", 36" 
  • The 36" target is a 2 piece shipment