Home Gym Equipment


Bulletproof Your Shoulders

Next is my personal bias as a bowhunter, healthy shoulders rank supreme in my little world of archery.  I would encourage anyone not wanting to go under the knife for shoulder surgery to create a dedicated space for bands and shoulder stability.  I like the simplicity of CrossOver Symmetry.  Here’s the LINK to learn more about CrossOver Symmetry and here’s a LINK to get the Amazon knock off.  I don’t care what you buy, but I do want this equipment readily available for your garage gym.

Getting Home Gym Equipment on the CHEAP 

I suggest shopping Craigslist, Garage Sales or Facebook Marketplace.  If you’re an Amazon Prime Member then take advantage of their fast free shipping.  When we used to own a gym,  we paid so much in freight fees that it would make you sick.  Here’s a list of items to start thinking about for down the road.  These are listed in no particular order:

  • Get a Pull-Up Bar LINK
  • Get a Pair of Dumbbells LINK
  • Snag a decent Barbell LINK
  • One or Two Kettlebells 35# and 53# LINK
  • MedBall 20# LINK
  • Bumper Plate Set 45’s # 25’s#, 10’s# LINK
  • Assault Bike LINK
  • Concept II Rower LINK
  • Concept II Ski Erg  LINK
  • CrossOver Symmetry LINK
  • Squat Rack LINK

I would start slow on building your garage gym.  Over time, you can find good deals locally and add to your arsenal.  If you're a Rogue Fitness fan, wait for November when they have awesome daily deals that will save you cash on equipment and shipping.  There's a lot of competition in the home gym supplier market, so feel free to check out other brands as they're moving towards better and better gear.  Also, buying a ton of gear out the gate is a mistake many make.  Don't believe me?  Just ask every CrossFit gym owner that shops Facebook Marketplace - there's always great equipment to purchase from locals that were overzealous on building a garage gym until it started collecting dust.  You have to make darn sure you're committed to working out in the cold and dark garage gym when you don't feel like it.  Start building today, pace yourself, and eventually you'll have a killer set-up that is extremely convenient.