30 Day Ab Program (no equipment)

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**This is VOLUME 1 of my WIFE's (Alicia Staton) 30 Day Ab Training Program**

Do you want Abs or a stronger midline, but have No gym equipment? Stuck at home? Traveling with no access to a gym?

There's no excuse to skip a workout! Did you know that some of the leanest people I have ever met just follow bodyweight routines?

This is not your typical 2-3 easy movement program, followed by a rest break that you don’t even need, which leads to boredom! This is a fast and efficient program to build your core that you will believe in... This program so challenging that you feel like you went to an actual gym and got your butt kicked! However, NO equipment is needed, every day is VARIED, and the workouts are just downright FUN!

We encourage you to use this program as a stand alone core program or to use it how we use it and make it apart of your warm-up or cool-down training protocol.

 *Video Instruction included*

Equipment needed:

  1. Yourself
  2. An optional partner for some extra fun workouts