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A great time watching our farm team compete at a very high level - we took 18th place, not bad at all. I am so proud of the team members and their effort, next year I will be on that floor making a run for the CrossFit Games - we've qualified 2x before, we can do it again. Until then... 1. Squat Cleans #185,215,225,255,275,290missed 2. Back Squat 1x5 90% #330 3. C&J 5x1+3 Axle Bar #115, 165, 195, 205, 210 4. Front Squat 80% 1x2 #275, 85% 1x2 #285 5. Conditioning: 15 Minute Amrap, Add 10 reps each round: 10...

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