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Today we're sitting down with one of the co-founders of HUNT WALLET, ... Mr. DeAngelo Wilkinson. I met him a couple of years ago at an ElkShape Camp in Colorado. This guy is a family man, a business man, and total mountain athlete. Today we're going to get to know him better, learn about his side hustle and cover his elk hunting journey. Listeners of the ElkShape Podcast Exclusives: ūüíĘ Discount Codes ūüíĘ PNUMA OUTDOORS¬†- 20% Off Code:¬†ELKSHAPEYOUTUBE20 CANVAS CUTTER¬†- 10% Off Code:¬†ELKSHAPE¬† WILDERNESS ATHLETE¬†| 20% Off Code:¬†ELKSHAPE23¬† VORTEX WEAR¬†| 20% Off Code:¬†ELKSHAPE BLACK OVIS¬†| 10% Off Code:¬†ELKSHAPE SHEEPFEET¬†| 10%...

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