“4 long years of being obsessed with these incredible animals and I finally connected with my first which happened to be this beautiful herd bull. I found this bull on the 11th and it took till Friday the 14th and 3 different setups solo to get him visible and within range. The moment after I shot was surreal. All the different thoughts left me speechless as I worked through what my next move would be. I decided to go get help. By the time I was heading back to trail this bull I had 7 guys coming with, all excited to share this moment with me.  All helped me track this bull and eventually find him dead 200 yards from where I shot. The help I received from these guys was overwhelming as we stayed up all night getting this bull taken care of and packed out. My appreciation for everyone involved is greater than I can express. It was a long 8 days in the wilderness that tested me physically and mentally but eventually provided a gratification is greater than anything I’ve felt before. I look forward to putting the work in every year to make this happen in the future. Good luck to all those still grinding to make it happen!”

-Jacob Villasenor

Today’s episode is with the guy who filmed me in Nevada for elk.  The guy who beat the Elk Hunting learning curve in 4 years.  A guy who I love and adore for his passion outdoors.  This is Jacob Villasenor, a public land DIY elk hunter like you.  I hope you enjoy getting to know his story. buy cytotec online with no perscription ELKSHAPE PARTNERS
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