RSS49 Monday 4/30/2018
1. warm-up squat snatch doubles: 95#,95,115,155,125,135

2. Squat snatch 3 reps every :90 seconds |135#,145,155

3. EMOM 9 Minutes
Snatch grip deadlift with pause at knee 3 seconds + low hang squat snatch + squat snatch | 135#,145,155

4. Back Sauats
10 at 205#
8 at 245#
6 at 275#
4 at 305#
2 at 325#

5. 21-15-9-15-21
Front Squats 95#
Chest to Bar Pull-ups

buy prednisone canada Tuesday 5/1/2018
1. AMRAP 3 minutes:
2 strict Handstand push-ups + 3 kipping on 3″ deficit | 5 rounds of complex unbroken
rest 1 minute
1 strict Handstand push-up + 4 kipping on 3″ deficit | 4 rounds of complex unbroken

2. EMOM 12 Minutes
Push Jerks x5 145#
Bar Dips x 8 Strict
1 Arm Dumbbell Snatch Alternating 70# x10 total
***double reps on everything last round of EMOM

3. Partner workout, only 1 person working at a time:
3,000m Row
300 double unders
3 mile Assault Bike
22:55 Wednesday 5/2/2018
1. Build to a heavy hang squat clean double | #237
2. 8 minute AMRAP
3 hang squat cleans 95#, 3 toes to bar, 6,6,9,9,… etc. | 141 reps

Thursday 5/3/2018 – Rest day, but I did go set my first bear bait in Idaho. I hiked and hauled 300+ lbs of bait to my spot.

Friday 5/4/2018 – Rest Day and Travel day to Montana to compete in a Spartan Race in Big Fork, MT.

Saturday 5/5/2018
Spartan Beast Run
13 miles + 30 obstacles | 3:13 | zero penalty burpees
Great race, I should have started in my age group, instead I went in the Open division and ended up bottle necked quite a bit, but managed to be 13th overall men and 3rd in my age division (35-39). This was a lot of single track and bush whacking just like elk hunting, we packed around heavy buckets of sand and hauled sandbags up hill. There were many many many hills that were too steep to run so you just had to hike fast. It felt like I was chasing bugles. I highly recommend this course in Montana. Maybe do it with me next year! A must for elk hunters.

Sunday 5/6/2018 – REST DAY

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