Developing mental toughness through lifestyle. Every hunter wants to be stronger mentally for obvious reasons. Hunting is never a sure thing, in fact the only certainty is uncertainty. With that being said, I want you all to know that you can make yourself stronger between the ears. Here’s how:

1. Talk Positively to Yourself.
Bad things are temporary. Bad things happen so it won’t be a problem, you’re prepared. Always talk yourself through what you can do during adversity and know that it is only temporary. Shit will happen when hunting. Can you stay positive? I say yes through positive self talk and surrounding yourself with positive people.

2. Setting Goals.
What do you need to achieve today so you can achieve what you really want tomorrow? Write down your goals, track your progress (this is powerful) and be ready for the unexpected problems that always pop up when hunting.

3. Get Comfortable with Uncomfortable
Do workouts like the ones I list below in my weekly training journal. They are down right difficult and sometimes seem impossible. Doing things each week that you don’t want to do builds discipline and character. It makes delayed gratification a real thing. Something are younger generations don’t know much about. Train at your weaknesses. Spend time making yourself better and enjoy the suck. Find dark places in your training and spend time there. This is the hard route. This will make you better.

4. Use Simulations
Visualization is great becasue you can do it anywhere as as OFTEN as you like. Do this alongside perfect practice and you will be deadly. Make your practice sessions as close to the real thing as possible. Ideas are train in the early mornings. Wear your pack loaded down when you head to the archery range. Shoot your equipment under duress. Backpack often and keep your boots broke in.

This is just a friendly reminder for those that take the time to read my blog that you can and will make yourself stronger between the ears in the off-season. People are not born mentally tough. It is something to train constantly. monday 01/02/2017
1. power snatches #115×3,135×3,155×3,164 2×3,145×3
2. back squats #185×5,220×5,255×3,292 6×2
3. rdl #95×5, 185×5,220×3,250 6×5
4. conditioning:
30-20-10 pull-ups & calories on bike…right into
30-20-10 push jerks #155 & split lunges (15 ea. leg, etc) | 10:53

buy modafinil online uk cheap tuesday 01/03/2017
1. Power Clean and Push Jerk
#160 3+3, 180 3+3, 210 3+3, 220 3+3, 200 3+3
2. Snatch Balance 6×3 #130,150,170,180,190,180
3. Clean Pull 4×2 #230 with pause just off floor
4. 5 rounds of:
1 minute row for calories
1 minute power cleans #135
1 minute burpee over the bar
1 minute rest | 255 reps wednesday 01/04/2017
1. snatch 6×3 #130,150,170,182,182,160
2. Jerk Balance 6×3 #115,145,155,170,185,170
3. Front Squat #260×3, 275×1, #260×3, 285×1, #260×3,295×1
4. Conditioning for time:
400m Row + 21 OHS #135
400m Row + 15 OHS
400m Row + 9 OHS | 8:19
5. Strict JT 21-15-9 for time of:
strict handstand push-ups
strict ring dips
strict push-ups | 7:45

thursday 01/05/2017
*active rest* 3 mile snow shoe hike

friday 01/06/2017
1. Back Squats 5×6 #255
2. Partner Workout:
15 Kangaroo jumps/OH hold #135 24″ Box
15 Burpee Box Jump Overs/OH hold
15 Burpee Box Jumps/OH hold
45 Dead lifts/Chin over bar hold #185
270 Double Unders/Front Rack Hold #185
45 Dead lifts/Chin over bar hold
15 Burpee Box Jumps/OH hold
15 Burpee Box Jump Overs/OH hold
15 Kangaroo jumps/OH hold | 15:56

saturday 01/07/2017
1. build up to a heavy single axle bar clean and jerk | #215 (alternating grip)
2. partner wod:
25 burpee buy-in
calories on bike
ghd sit-ups
clean and jerks axle bar #110
25 burpee buy-out | 26:14

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