index buy Pregabalin usa I Stayed the night with Alicia at the hospital, slept about 3 hours broken up over the night. Alicia had me run an errand this morning while she was waiting to dilate, she’s being induced. I Jumped on this opportunity to get a quick flush at the gym
1. “Primer” 20-40-60-80-100 Plate Pushes & Double Unders
2. 200m out, 200m back Sprint Repeats x3 1:18, 1:16, 1:17
3. EMOM for 5 minutes
60m sprint + 60m sandbag sprint #70
:25, :26, :29, :24, :24

As I write this, we are about an hour away from having our first baby, praise God. I am amazed by my wife, women are stronger than we men could ever be period. I will take time to reflect on this day, be still and talk to our creator about how He can make me a father that can teach Avery about Him. I want to be like my dad, always loving and always there. I am excited for the next chapter in our life.